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Angry Birds will be coming to the XBLA, PSN, and Wii

With the extreme popularity of Rovio’s Angry Birds it is only logical that they try to step beyond just the mobile iPhone and Android. That looks exactly like what will be happening. At the first ever Social Gaming Summit, Rovio’s CEO Peter Vesterbacka confirmed that the “PSN, Wii, and Xbox” versions of the very popular game are already in the works and on the way.

He also stated at the same conference that when these new versions are released that it will mark a new dawn for the Angry Birds franchise. What this most likely means is that we won’t be seeing any direct sequel to the game until these ports are finished. Though one can expect that there will be even more Angry Birds to be coming in the future, more of a direct sequel than a holiday spinoff such as the Halloween version we saw in October.

Source: Pocketgamer

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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