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Valve Announces Dota 2!

The mysterious project teased some hours ago is nothing less than DotA 2!

Valve announced today the sequel for one of the most popular mods ever made, Defense of the Ancients, DotA.

DotA 2 will keep all the things which made DotA so famous, merging strategy and rpg in one addicting formula. The game will features the original DotA cast of heroes, skills, maps, the game style will be keep intact.

What is new? The game will be completely rewriten using a updated version of Valve’s Source engine, so expect all new shiny graphics, bots will be added to take over disconnected players, Steamworks (achievements, match making, and other things) will be used in new ways, with a lot of community features to be added, native voice chat support, and many more. The main idea behind DotA 2 is to bring the players together, with new content being added from time to time.

Another nice feature is the addition of guides and a coaching system, where players will have the opportunity to help newer players, with a personal voice chat channel and a spectator system.

DotA 2 will be released in 2011 for PC and Mac.

Fernando T. Gonçalves
Fernando T. Gonçalves
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