THQ Announce Details About WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011’s Online Mode…

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Since the orignal Smackdown vs Raw for the Playstation 2, online mode has been a fan favorite. One thing that the fans have wanted in has been more match types, particularly the Royal Rumble, Championship Scramble, Money in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber. THQ has now announced new details that all 4 match types will be in due to the support of more players in a match. I know what your thinking, LAG! But this was also kept in mind as the servers have been heavily to ensure quality performance.

In particular, the Online Royal Rumble has the ability to support up to 12 human players in the 30-man mega-event. As a result, in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, not only will players be able to compete with more people in more matches, but they will experience less online latency.

Moving on to creation mode, THQ has now added the ability that has been out of action in previous titles, and that is to share Paint Tool Logos and Created Move Sets. Players can also edit any content they download from their fellow consumers to make them unique for their own rosters. Finally, the search tool was dramatically enhanced so the community can share and find quality created content with greater ease.

We are not done yet! Leaderboards will be seeing an upgrade as well! A new points system will be in place, not just for online matches, but for downloading community content. Even reviewing content can earn points so the system can reward all active members.With over 30 leaderboards in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, including one for Community Creations, players have multiple ways to find their niche and go after that coveted #1 spot.

These announcements are all spectacular news. I do hope that the nasty glitches that are abused online get a fix as well, but I am sure that will come over time if not already addressed. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 launches next week on October 26th.

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