PC: Medal Of Honor to Have Open Beta For Four Days

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The highly anticipated Medal of Honor is going to be holding an open multiplayer beta from October 4th through the 8th for PC users.  I have personally played it on the Xbox 360, and it is definitely worth trying out.  Several sites will be providing the downloadable client, and the entire list is here.


Medal of Honor’s multiplayer provides two opposing forces: the Coalition and the recently renamed “OPFOR” (previously the Taliban).  In the beta, there will be two different maps available.  One is the Shahikot Mountains where players will be able to play the Combat Mission mode.  In Combat Mission, the Coalition has five consecutive bases to capture while the OPFOR tries to defend them.  Each base is timed, and if time runs out then the OPFOR wins.

The other map is the Kunar Base where players will be able to play the Sector Control mode.  The Sector Control mode is pretty much exactly how it sounds: each team will try to control sectors (bases).  The longer that the team controls each base, the higher the score.

The official site lists tips, information about the game, and has some fun videos, so check it out.

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