New Features Announced for Art Academy!

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Nintendo’s virtual art studio is now looking even more promising with Nintendo just releasing a list of new features to be included in the title. From a personal virtual tutor to the ability to use the DSi’s cameras to take photos for reference while creating your art, Art Academy is looking to have it all. Here is the full list of newly announced features:

  • Students can learn at their own pace. The in-game tutor, Vince, guides them through each new lesson and gradually introduces new artistic concepts. Each new lesson builds upon concepts studied in previous lessons, complete with step-by-step examples. Lessons can also be saved in progress, to be completed at another time.
  • Students use the stylus on the touch screen as though they were holding a pencil or paint brush. Pencils and paintbrushes of different sizes, combined with color mixing and paint dilution effects, produce realistic results and feel very natural.
  • Students have broad artistic freedom as they create their artwork. The lessons are used as guides to learn new art techniques, while Free Paint is a personal, portable art studio ready to capture their latest inspiration.
  • If the Art Academy software is being used on a Nintendo DSi™ or Nintendo DSi XL™ system, artists can use the built-in cameras to take pictures of the things they want to paint and use them as a reference material wherever they go.
  • Completed artwork can be framed and saved in the Gallery.
  • Artists can wirelessly send the Demo lesson, via the local wireless connection, to another Nintendo DS owner to sample.
  • Art Academy includes the same tool set and all ten of the lessons found in the previously released Nintendo DSiWare™ titles, Art Academy: First Semester and Art Academy: Second Semester. With additional mini lessons and more than 80 motifs have been added to provide a variety of reference material for artists to use when creating their own masterpieces.
  • The lessons might end, but the joy of creating art never does. All of the skills learned in Art Academycan be applied to real-life artist’s materials outside of the Nintendo DS environment.

Nintendo is really packing the content into this title and for fans of the Art Academy titles for the DSiWare, this will be one you don’t want to miss. Art Academy hits stores October 25th for the Nintendo DS and will have a nice affordable price point of just 19.99 when it is released.

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