New Behind the Scenes Footage Arises For Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom…

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As if the buzz couldn’t grow anymore for Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom, Namco have now released a new video taking gamers behind the scenes of development. Now the video is in Japanese but is fully subtitled to explain exactly what were the inspirations behind the game’s unique art-style.

For those who don’t watch the video, it seems that the whole world in Majin was crafted with from the mainstream and modern trends of today as well as art styles lifted straight from various picture books. The game is stunning to look at so I found this video rather interesting myself as the team seems very passionate about the quality of the graphical environments players will be immersed in. So check out the video below and we will bring you more news as the release date for Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom draws near.

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