Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Gets a New Trailer…

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In just a bit over a month, the highly anticipated Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will finally arive for the Nintendo DS. Honestly, Dark Dawn is looking beautiful graphics wise and the gameplay is sure to be on par with other RPGs on the market. In the new trailer Nintendo released today, we get to see some of the gameplay as well as what appears to be some of the in-game cutscenes. All seem to flow nicely and should keep anyone anticipating the game held over for just a little longer. Dark Dawn also mixes new elements of gameplay with the classic formula to make the reboot of the franchise feel even more fresh.

In a new twist on gameplay, Dark Dawn includes the ability to respond with different emotional reactions to various scenarios in the game, with your choice of emotion having an impact on the replies you receive from other characters you meet. If you choose a “gutsy” reply for Matthew during a tense moment, other characters may get annoyed that you’re not taking the situation seriously. Choose an “angry” reply, though, and you might find that they respond confrontationally in turn…The whole method is brilliant and should give the game’s story many twists and turns throughout the experience.

Below you can check out this brand new trailer and get ready for one of the biggest sequels of the year to hit shelves as Golden Sun: Dark Dawn launches on November 29th.

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