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The Gobliiins are COMING BACK !!!   For anyone that doesn’t know here is a brief rundown of Gobliins history :

The Gobliiins series consists of four puzzle adventure games developed and released by Coktel Vision (and later Sierra On-Line) in the early 1990s for the Amiga, Atari ST, PC and Mac platforms. The unique visual look of the series and its characters was contributed by Pierre Gilhodes, a French artist who gave his famous signature style to many of Coktel Vision’s other games. The original is slated for an upcoming iOS debut, brought by publisher Bulkypix.

One of the best ever played Point & Click games is back! Relive all these adventures in their original concept with a gameplay totally readapted to the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  I remember playing this on my Amiga 500 back in the day.  I still have it on disk and it works perfectly, but now I don’t need to power up my Amiga anymore as Bulkypix are bringing this amazing puzzle adventure game back to the Apple iPhone !!

Check out the details below and then the video trailer.  If your a fan of the puzzle games with a pinch of adventure thrown in and some great humor on the side Gobliiins is the perfect game to fill that hole you might be missing.  For the rest of you that have loved it and missed it and wanted it back, well nows your chance to own it, play ig and enjoy it all over again !!

  • Original screenplay : the 22 levels will carry you through this fabulous kingdom. Enjoy the gobliiins jokes like the young generation of gamers did.  (MasterAbbott .. falls into this group)  😉
  • Original soundtrack : take pleasure in listening to the mystical musics of these lands.
  • Gameplay : 2 control modes will be available throughout your quest. The « Touch » mode will allow you to move or execute an action with just one click. As for the standard control, it will display a pointer to help you be more precise and to bring you back in your youth!
  • Hints : use them to guide you through your missions. You will be able to refer to the original hints immediately in game.  (Trust me you WILL need them)
  • Hotspots : search the screen with your finger. When you will be close to an object you can interact with, an exclamation mark will be displayed at its position.

Let us know what you’re also one of those young generation gamers that played this

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