Fable 3 + Mobile Warfare

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Have you ever been at a restaurant and wanted some gold coins to spend in a virtual game?  Fable 3 will allow you to do just that when Fable 3: Kingmaker launches in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden.  Fable 3:Kingmaker will allow gamers to stake a claim by planting a flag and tagging their real world location via geo location.  When enough players plant a flag at a certain location, they will take over that spot and earn gold that can be synced to their Xbox 360 version of Fable 3.   You can register October 4, 2010 at www.Fable3Kingmaker.com.  Fable 3:Kingmaker will be available on Android, Nokia Symbian, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

Now, a quote from a most loved developer, Peter Molyneux: “To be able to earn gold you can use in your Fable III game, and to check-in and claim land for your side is brilliant for both Fable III and Xbox 360. We all love the innovation and feeling of being connected that Kingmaker brings to gamers.”   This kind of innovation certainly looks exciting, and I hope they bring it to other countries as well.

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