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Dead Rising 2 pre-order costumes soon to be DLC

If you didn’t pre-order Dead Rising 2, you missed out on some helpful costumes that increase Chuck’s abilities when they are worn. All is not lost however as Capcom has unveiled the fact that you will soon be able to purchase these outfits for a small price over the PSN and XBLM. Each outfit will cost $2 or 160 MSP. They include the Psychopath Pack, Soldier of Fortune Pack, Sports Pack, and Ninja Pack. Catch the full details below.

  • Psychopath Pack (Oct. 12) — Bonus when using iconic horror movie weapons (chainsaws, cleavers, axes)
  • Soldier of Fortune Pack (Oct. 19) — Doubles ammo, increases shooting and headshot accuracy; special bullet spray attack when using automatics
  • Sports Pack (Oct. 26) — Golf balls, basketballs, etc. bounce more before stopping. Chuck will also “earn more from gambling, gain more health while eating and drinking and not get sick from drinking too much.” So, essentially, he’s your fun uncle.
  • Ninja Pack (Nov. 2) — Stealth mode requires zombies be closer to detect presence. Throwing items do more damage and are tossed faster; bonuses with sword weapon

These different outfits can be combined to make an ultimate fighter, as only one article of clothing is needed to provide said bonuses. Though overall the entire package will cost $8 or 640 MSP.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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