Blacklight: Tango Down Coming to PS3 tomorrow

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It has finally happened. Blacklight: Tango down is hitting PS3 this week on Tuesday. Xbox 360 got the game earlier but PS3 gets some new stuff the Xbox version does not have. Some of the glitches and graphical flaws have been fixed. There are some main additions though. If you have played the 360 version, you may remember having to wait to join a game because you were stuck in a lobby waiting for the game to finish. The PS3 version has the hailed “join in” progress option. Less waiting and more playing. There is the one flaw to “join in” progress, which is jumping on the losing team. Nobody likes when they are losing from the start of the round. You could also “join in” on the winning team, so overall its a good feature. The PS3 version is also getting an exclusive map called Crossover. Set in a financial district you can frag your way to glory. These additions may come to the 360 version or they may not so stay posted.

Here is the link to the Xbox 360 review:

I got my information and video from the PS blog:


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