Sanuk’s “Spot the Differences” Headed to the WiiWare!

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One of the most popular Iphone apps and Playstation Minis titles, Spot the Differences, is now slated to release on the Wiiware download service. Packed with 150 scenes, 3 levels of difficulty and 1,500 differences to find, ‘Spot the Differences’ looks to be the most complete difference game on the platform. Aimed at all audiences, it offers a journey through odd and attractive scenes on various themes: Landscapes, Pets, Playtime and Yummy.

3 single-player game modes are available: Arcade, Select Pictures and Time Attack. The game also features a Wii-exclusive multiplayer mode, where up to 4 friends or family members can compete against each other and see who finds more differences!

To me, this title looks to be perfect for any Wii owner to download and sharpen the brain and have some fun addictive gameplay at the same time while also using the new multi-player to get everyone in on the action.  150 is also a HUGE amount of content that will be sure to add to hours of intense searching for games young and old. There isn’t a solid release date as of yet but I would expect one very soon to be announced from Sanuk Games.

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