Razer BlackWidow Ultimate & Razer Onza interview

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During our time at Tokyo Game show, we managed to fantastic Razer team and secure a fantastic interview/rundown of the new Razer products. In this rundown, we go through the Razer Onza which has 2 extra bumper buttons located on the top next to the R/L bumpers on an Xbox 360 controller. The Razer Onza is: Razer’s take on an Xbox 360 controller with various features such as adjustable analogue stick sensitivity to suit your playstyle and 2 programmable buttons located on the back of the controller which can assign the extra bumper buttons on the controller.

The next product on Razer’s line that we looked at was the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard.  The BlackWidow is a fully mechanical keyboard with 50g actuation force providing 1ms response time.  It’s fully programmable keys allow on the fly macro recording. It also has USB-passthrough and Audi-out / Mic-in jacks along with very cool backlight features. 

Below are the videos of the interviews and rundowns with a Hatta Aziz – The Community Marketing Executive from the Razer team.

Razer Onza Xbox Controller – Video :

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard – Video :

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Special thanks to the Razer guys : Hatta Aziz, Fiona Ng & Jeremy Soh.  If you need any further information make your way over to the Razer Website : www.razerzone.com

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