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Play Asteroids on any web page!

I know this may sound dumb, but it’s actually pretty fun for when you are on the internet and can’t find anything to do.  Go to this website and drag the bookmark into your toolbar.  From there, simply click that bookmark to create a little triangular ship on the page and begin shooting stuff!  Arrow keys to control, space to shoot, if there are any hidden characters on the site, hold B to find them.

If you can’t tell, that’s Google’s homepage with me playing asteroids on it..  What’s cool about this thing is that it actually destroys anything you hit, ads, words, pictures, blah blah.  The proficient asteroids player could even use it to get rid of pesky ads on a website, should they want.  Quite the ingenious creation actually.

Its simple, mindless fun for free, so go try it out.