Mega Man Universe – update!

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For you Mega Man fans, listen up!  Capcom has released a bit of new info regarding the latest installment in the Mega Man series, Mega Man Universe.

Players will be able to go through the game with their own unique character, made from various parts and combinations of Capcom’s iconic characters.  Not only does this provide you with an original character to play as, but will also determine what abilities your character is able to make use of, allowing for some fun and interesting combinations of powers that players will be able to make use of.

As if this news wasn’t big enough, Capcom has also announced that there will be custom stage creation!  You can create everything, from the stage makeup to what enemies will appear when and where.  You can play your own stages and even those created by others, opening up an endless amount of possibilities of what the player can experience.  Along with the obvious slew of Mega Man themed stage parts, Capcom is teasing that there will be custom parts as well.  Keep your eyes peeled for more details next week when TGS is in full force.

(Thanks to Snow from Capcom-Unity for the link!)

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