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Hypership Out of Control Review

Game: Hypership Out of Control
Developer: Kris Steele/Fun Infused Games
Genre: Space Shooter
Console: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), iPhone
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“Go fast. You cannot stop. Explode when hit asteroid! No fun at all!”

Your spaceship’s accelerator is stuck, and your “space brakes” are broken.  As the game says, “OH NO!!!”  Hypership Out of Control’s story is adequate.  The story sets up the gameplay and it provides structure. Although the story is simple, there are other ways the game has personality. For example, loading screens are peppered with witticisms and insults like, “Did you know that cactus are the best co-pilots?” Or, when presented with the option to quit: “Yes, this game is too hardcore and I am going to play with dolls.” The game is very funny, and if you want a laugh or guffaw, look no further.


Gameplay is very simple and addictive. Your spaceship will go faster and faster until it hits something. Avoiding or shooting asteroids and enemies is key to success. Even the checkered finish line must be shot. The game has an amazing collection of environments and enemies and it never got boring. Collecting power-ups like super powered lasers, shields and invincibility is also very helpful and fun. If you can survive 10 waves, the game will reset you to the beginning. But your speed will increase even more this round. Memorization and reflexes are the skills you will need to rely on most. Even though the game can be difficult, it was generally not frustrating. The game is very balanced, and the only times I ever felt “cheated” when I died was when the controls went haywire. Oftentimes, it seemed as though the slightest gesture on the analog stick would send the ship careening off to meet its untimely death. If you are a fan of old school arcade games or extreme difficulty, this shooter is right for you.

Audio and Graphics

The soundtrack to Hypership Out of Control is very electronic and 8bit. It matches the game perfectly and is quite awesome. Sound effects and the like also are well done and help the game tremendously. For example, when you have the super powered rocket lasers, there is an audio cue that lets you know when ammo is low.

Graphics are executed amazingly well and add to the general arcade feel of the game. One of the most creative aspects of the game was when the ship would come across coins arranged in words like, “FUN!” or “W00t!” The environments never got old or uninspired.


Hypership Out of Control is a quality game that is worth a try for 80 MS points ($1 in real money.) Although the controls are not fine tuned, the overall game is crafted with an attention to detail and excellence. For example, the game has quite a few achievements. Although these won’t add to your gamerscore, they are a whole ton a fun to achieve.  I give Hypership Out of Control: