Hudson’s Lost in Shadow Gets a Documentary..

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One of the most interesting platformer’s shown at E3 this year, “Lost in Shadow” has now has an interview style documentary series that will explain how the games works and what was the creator’s inspirations behind the new title. One part platformer, one part puzzle, Lost in Shadow’s unique methods of gameplay is looking to redefine platforming games as a whole and bring a whole new experience for the Nintendo Wii.

In the first chapter which was released today of the documentary, we learn from the developer what the ideals behind the title’s unique art style. Even this documentary uses the unique style of the game that truly shows the developers put a lot of time and thought into what could be an easy contender for one of the best platformers of the year. Without further ado, you can check out this first chapter below and we will keep bringing more updates for Lost in Shadow as they come out. The slated release date is still standing at January 4th for the U.S.

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