Ash Gets Grittier and More Grown-Up in Fan Made Pokémon Trailer…

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Pokémania is starting to re-enter the world yet again and one of the newest videos to go viral is a fan made trailer for the short live-action film “Pokémon Apokélypse”. Now before you disregard this clip as some cheap youtube video of the week and yes, it is a bit cheese-tastic, you should know that this trailer has some of the highest quality work I have seen made in a fan made live-action production for a video game in years which makes this clip a bit special.

This clip might be a bit mature rated for those who have kids in the room so just a bit of a disclaimer that this is not the Ash from Pallet town that we all know as the happy go-lucky tv series. Keep an eye out for the awesome references to the series as well as they add some cheesey hilarity to the otherwise very serious trailer. I personally think I Would buy 10 tickets to this masterpiece first day if it hit the big screens. Without further Ado, check out the amazing new re-imagination below!

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