AMD join Valve for Catalyst updates via Steam

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A huge step for an even more streamlined experience for PC players via Steam, from this new partnership between Valve and AMD players will be provided with the latest AMD Videocard Drivers (Catalyst) directly from the Steam platform, which will detect and show the latest drivers available for ATI Radeon users.

“Steam represents an evolution for PC and online gaming, and the availability of ATI Catalyst graphics driver updates directly on the Steam platform can help further enhance the PC gaming experience for users of ATI Radeon products,” said Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president of software for AMD. “AMD Gaming Evolved and Valve share the belief that ‘Gamers Come First’ – we now have the opportunity to work together to help ensure the best possible experience for PC gamers.”

“Valve is extremely pleased to be working with AMD to provide automatic driver updates for AMD’s leading edge products on Steam,” said Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve. “PC gamers demand the most of their gaming hardware and providing these updates automatically will help ensure those playing via Steam are playing at optimal performance.”

This announcement is another example of the AMD Gaming Evolved initiative in action. The program, which represents AMD’s commitment to the PC gaming industry, is dedicated to creating the best possible gaming experience on the PC. With auto-notification of driver updates delivered via Steam to users with ATI Radeon graphics hardware, this relationship will provide gamers the opportunity to optimize their PC gaming experience.

Nvidia still haven’t talked about the possibility of using this same strategy for Geforce users on Steam.

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