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Aksys Games performing Otome genre survey

Agreed they definitely are not easy to fix. But regardless of that we have a survey that everyone can participate in and it is being held by our good old friends Aksys Games. They are holding this survey on their website: Located Here. This survey asks the reader whether they have heard of Otome games, or would be interested in playing Otome games. There is no mention of what this survey is actually for, but one can assume that if the survey results turn out positive then Aksys may approach localizing popular Otome games for the US.

But what is an Otome game and why should you care? Well an Otome game is more or less a visual novel that involves a female protagonist facing some sort of storyline depending on the game’s setting. The interesting part of this is that this particular genre of games is focused primarily on the female audience because besides the fact that the lead character is a female; they also are able to form a romantic relationship with male characters within the game that they are able to. These games are usually very well written and well drawn, without any actual adult content but does appeal to the female audience. This genre has not seen itself on American shores at all yet, so it is interesting that Aksys is taking a chance and giving this idea even a thought.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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