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Zombie Flick – iPhone/iPod Touch Review

Zombie Flick

Company: Full Fat Productions Ltd

Release Date: August 20, 2010

Price: $1.99



Zombie Flick is a really fun game. The goal? Well, you flick stuff at zombies! Flick random items to decapitate, de-limb and destroy zombies! Zombies are coming from 4 different directions at you and you have to stop them before they get to you and eat you! Flick a bunch of items at the zombies’ heads and behead them! Flick them across the screen to decapitate or de-limb a bunch of zombies at once! There’s a whole bunch of flicking and huge masses of zombies! Need a zombie game? Get this one!

Sound and Graphics:

The sound is great! The graphics: perfect! This game is addicting, a lot of fun and filled with zombies! These gory-looking zombies are amazing! These may be the best looking zombies on the iPhone so far! The whole look and feel of this game is great and easy to understand. The sound effects went well with the game and the graphics made this game so much more fun than expected. The blood effects and body parts look great and when you chop part of their body off, it looks great! It looks the way zombie apocalypses should look like. Smooth transitions and awesome sound effects make this game one of the best zombie games to date. Even the menu and menu buttons look and sound great! Yeah, even the menu buttons have sound effects – the type you want from a zombie game! The sound effects, along with the graphics, make this the best realistic zombie game available on the App Store.

Gameplay and Controls:

Zombie Flick. The controls? Flick. It’s that easy! Or is it? The controls are of course just flicking and a little bit of tapping. You flick the zombie(s) where you want to hit them with the random item waiting to be thrown. Flick across to wipe out a bunch of zombies at once with only 1 item and gain extra points! Get the high score! This game is amazing. Besides flicking, you also have to repair your barriers by tapping on the repair icon (wrench) and then tapping your barriers in all 4 directions that the zombies are coming to eat you from. There’s a Slow-Mo button that fills up after more zombie kills. After it’s full, you can slow down all the movement to get precise aim in all 4 directions of the zombie apocalypse. This game has to be the best just because the controls are so simple! The game is anything but simple. It gets really difficult, which makes this a great zombie game! Killing zombies shouldn’t be easy – and it isn’t! The first few levels are easier, but once you get further in the game the later levels become really difficult. Gameplay is great. Controls are great. Does that make you a zombie killer? No. If you can get to the end of this game, you probably have a better chance surviving a real zombie apocalypse than those who couldn’t get near the end. This does not guarantee you will survive a zombie apocalypse, nor does it guarantee a zombie apocalypse in the first place. If this game becomes real, then we’re all doomed.


With awesome graphics, insane gameplay, amazing controls and realistic zombie sound effects, there is only 1 rating I could give this game. I give this an EXCELLENT rating of 9.5 because this is the most realistic intense zombie game in the App Store right now. The reason I did not give it 10 capsules is because I do not believe anything is perfect. There is always room for improvement, but this tops all my favorite zombie games in almost every way! Enjoy Zombie Flick, the zombie game that’s better than zombie movies. It’s like you’re holding the apocalypse in your hands.


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