Xenome Episode 1: A New RPG for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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Xenome Episode 1 is an original rpg developed by Nine Pound Studios. The game looks like a nice alternative for anyone looking for an action/adventure rpg on their portable systems.

The game’s story happens in Silica Flats. A wasteland ripe for exploration. That is, if you manage to stay alive long enough. The land looks different from what you remember, but that’s bound to happen to anyone who’s been in cryo-stasis for the last 250 years. You’ve been reactivated during the advent of the Union-Prime war. Both factions want your allegiance. More importantly, either faction would rather see you back on ice (in one way or another) than to be aligned with their enemy.


  • Fully immersive, open 3D environment using cutting edge technology, ready to be explored.
  • Intense gameplay with realtime combat and powerful abilities.
  • Enormous game world – over 5 square miles of seamless, immersive territory teeming with mutated creatures and other dangerous aberrations of nature.
  • Gain experience and wealth while performing missions and killing monsters.
  • Customize your character with abilities, stats and over 500 items that best suit your play style.
  • Stylized, intuitive user interface.
  • An engaging storyline that will take hours to unravel as you make your way through the wastelands.
  • Loaded with secrets for the adventurous. Enough creatures, missions and areas to keep you playing long after the main plot has unfolded.

Xenome Episode 1 is already out, you can see more about the game from it’s page on the appstore.

*note* The game requires the iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, 3rd gen iPod Touch with 32 or 64 gb storage, or the iPad. They are currently working to bring support for 2nd gend devices in the near future.

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