This week on XBLA (august 30, 2010)

News Deals Xbox 360

This week supposedly sees a bunch of alien themed deals, though Zeno Clash doesn’t really have aliens.

All these games are pretty good. Zeno Clash is short, but definitely worth that price. Galaga Legions is actually pretty but pretty fun at the same time, check out the demo and see if you like it. Alien Breed is pretty fun, and definitely worth 400 so you can prepare for episode 2. The Alien Vs Predator DLC is up in the air. The online comunity of that game is pretty dead and you probably won’t get much use out of the DLC, hopefully this deals revives the online a bit for a week at least.

The Deals will last until September 6th, 2010.

This week also sees the release of “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero” which is only delayed in Japan (Sorry Japan, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer). We’ll be having the review up tomorrow if you are unsure about the game, but it is only 400 MSP and prepares you for Dead Rising 2 which releases in September. So if you like Dead Rising, you should definitely take a look at this game.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Releases Tuesday August 31st.

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