Take Control of the Gods in Gods vs Humans…

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Ever get tired of the human race? Now is you chance to put all the humans in their place with some nice mythic flare with Gods Vs Humans for the Nintendo WiiWare download service. In this new strategy game, you embody major Gods from many different mythologies such as Scandinavian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Japanese. As a God, you have the power to rule them all, except for the cheeky ones that is. The point of the game is to stop some of the humans who are building a tower to confront you with your many powers.

You must have faith on your side as it is the main element that will give you strength. The player can also unlock powers depending on the capacity of your power gauge. It is automatically recharged by the respect gauge, which is like a barometer of the human mood. These two elements are essential to do battle with the humans.

There are plenty of other ancient gods and goddesses to unlock through the 60 levels offered by the solo Adventure mode. Each one of them has a special attack and generates basic powers in a different order, for a different way to play offering more replay value.

Here is a Preview playable divinities:

Name: Osiris
Mythology: Egyptian
Attributes: Farming and Resurrection
Special power: Nékhekh
Name: Jupiter
Mythology: Greco-Roman
Attributes: The King of Lightning
Special power: Olympian Lightning

Name: Odin
Mythology: Norse
Attributes: Poetry and Warriors
Special power: Asgard’s Brimstone
Name: Amaterasu
Mythology: Japanese
Attributes: The Sun
Special power: Solar Flare

Developer Zallag is really putting together an interesting title with Gods Vs Humans. The characters are all upbeat with a unique art style. There is no release date as of now but if that changes, we will let you know. You can however take a look at the trailer below to get a first look at the quirky new title coming soon to the WiiWare

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