The New Splatterhouse Pre-Order Bonus is Awesome…

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The newest reincarnation of Splatterhouse has been pushed back more times than I care to remember, but I am finally feeling that this game is finally coming out. Gamestop is now offering a nice 6” statue of the famous Horror mask for anyone that pre-orders the title.

To catch anyone up on what they need to know about the newest installment, here is a list of features for the game:

  • The Classic Franchise Returns – An innovative reinvention of a classic category-killer with an original storyline inspired by Gordon Rennie (Necronauts, Judge Dredd)
  • Re-imagined Enemies – Favorite enemies have evolved into horrific monsters of radical proportions and shocking detail
  • Extreme Gore – Splatterhouse pulls no punches, taking gore and shock value to the next level
  • Regeneration – Real time regeneration eliminates the traditional health bar by showing physical damage & the rebuilding of bone, muscle and skin.
  • Reanimation – Raise an army of slain enemies by gathering Necrotic energy to serve as undead minions.
  • Pulse-Pounding Combat – Use Rick’s deep set of moves, improvised weapons, environmental attacks, two combat modes and unique enemy AI to obliterate enemies at each turn.
    • Splatterkills Engaging combo system that opens up to gruesome Splatterkills, which destroy your enemies with gory and cinematic effects
    • Large-scale enemies Gargantuan and epic scale bosses provide a memorable challenge and experience
    • Varied stages and environments H.P. Lovecraftian art style and direction lend an eerie mood and tone throughout the entire game
    • Weapons Use weapons of all kinds to bludgeon your enemies, ranging from classic 2X4’s to chainsaws and (*gulp*) enemy limbs!
  • The only game with a combination of massive enemies, over-the-top gore and the ability to regenerate body parts real-time
  • Inspired from icons of the horror genre, including H.P. Lovecraft & Simon Bisley
  • A AAA reinvention of the famed Splatterhouse title that launched the horror-escape genre and invited the very first “parental advisory” for a video game (for gore), uniting an existing fan base and recruiting a new one
  • A supercharged soundtrack with songs from today’s most influential Heavy Metal artists

It is great to see this title from Namco-Bandai getting some attention finally and I have very high hopes for it to be great. Splatterhouse is set to release on October 26th of this year for the Xbox 360 & PS3 and is sure to bring out fans for this huge revival of one of the most loved franchises of the video game world.

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