Rumour: Gearbox working on Duke Nukem Forever

2K Rumours Shooter

Duke Nukem Forever is a game that has appeared and disappeared numerous times through the last bunch of years.

Once again more rumours for the game that doesn’t stay dead appeared today. Sources state that the game is actually still under development, but now at Gearbox (Developers of Borderlands).

Little is actually known about the game and has been in development for a VERY long time. Take-Two took 3D Realms to court for failing to complete the title in a reasonable time frame (reasonable being an extreme understatement).

The source has stated that Gearbox has picked up development of the title where 3D Realms had left off. Supposedly studio head, Randy Pitchford, indicated that he may be able to clarify the situation at this year’s PAX in Seattle.

Along with all this a supposed playable demo of Duke Nukem Forever would be available later this year.

Rumours are abundant around games, but this is a rumour that many people are hoping will finally be true. Do you see that “Rumour” tag in the title? That means we aren’t responsible for giving info that turns out to fall through the cracks, so no getting mad at us when you get disappointed once again.

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