Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC dated for Mass Effect 2

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Fans of our favorite Asari Liara from the first Mass Effect game should be very happy to hear this news. On September 7th the DLC “Lair of the Shadowbroker” will be released on the PC and the Xbox 360. It will cost 800 MSP/Bioware points depending which one you happen to purchase this extra content on.

What you will be getting with this new pack of DLC, are five new achievements, and even more information about the mysterious shadow broker as well has his intel center to raid. Though there is an even more intriguing bit to this add-on. The DLC will give fans from ME1 the chance to continue their relationship with Liara. This is some pretty strong news considering that initially there was never talk of creating new relationship paths within upcoming DLC. Now the question is, must your Shepard have had a relationship with Liara in the first place, or can you begin brand new within the DLC?

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