Intellivision Lives! to Feature Unreleased Games…

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As the release date looms closer, we are learning more and more about Virtual Play’s Intellivision Lives! on the Nintendo DS. In the mix of the over 60 classic games the collection will have, gamers will also be seeing some unreleased titles that are exclusive to the new DS installment. Hard Hat, Blow Out and Takeover were all unseen to the console back in the 80’s and now will be fully playable in Intellivision Lives!. Here are some new images and screenshots of three unreleased titles:

All three of these games are available through multi-player using single card play. You may also notice with these screenshots the way the bottom screen is used. Each game will incorporate a different overlay for the touchscreen controls so each game feels completely different from the next. As a gamer who loved the classic games, I am very excited to be able to try out this huge new compilation and getting these three unreleased titles seems to be the icing on the pixelated cake. Intellivision Lives! releases next month in September to the Nintendo DS.

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