Create-a-Villager in Fable 3

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Lionhead Studios announced today a new feature on their site: Create a Villager

With this little tool, you can design you very own unique villager, with over 2000 different variations, including personality traits, clothing, accents, hairstyles etc. You’re also able to compose a backstory for the character to give it even more uniqueness .

But, unfortunately, there IS a “catch”: in order to upload the created villager in your Fable3 universe, you must first preorder the game, thus receiving a unique code which is used on the Villager Creator Page.

But you can still do this for fun, so if you want to check it out, here’s the Character Creator.

For more info check Lionhead’s official web page.

Fable 3 will hit stores October 26th on Xbox360 and PC.

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