The Icarus Effect: A Novel Based on the Deus EX Series

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The Deus EX series was always respected for their interesting cyberpunk universe, which was merged really well with the fps and rpg formula.

Coming close to the next game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Del Rey Books will be publishing a novel based on the Deus Ex series in 2011.

Written by James Swallow, Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect is set in the complex and enthralling world of Deus Ex, a cyberpunk-style technological dystopia where all is not what it seems. In the not-so-distant future, the world is a place of great innovation and technological advancement… but also a place of chaos and conspiracy. New technologies push the limits of human potential, even while they threaten the very future of the world. And from the shadows, dark and secret powers are coming together to take control, intent on designs so large, so intricate, they will take decades to come to fruition. But when two unlikely heroes—Anna Kelso, a Secret Service agent, and Ben Saxon, a special-ops soldier—draw uncomfortably close to the truth, the choices they make here and now will alter the course of history… or usher in an age of darkness.

“We’re really pleased to be able to announce this new DEUS EX novel with Del Rey books. The novel is set in the DEUS EX universe and there will be characters and story elements in it, that will overlap with our next videogame DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION, which we hope fans will be very excited about.” – said Andre Vu, Marketing Game Manager, Deus Ex.

Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect will be released in North America and Europe in 2011, and in other places at a later time. The game is expected for a 2011 release too.

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