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Two Different Street Fighter/Tekken Crossover Games Announced!

Capcom knows how to pack a punch in the industry with crossovers in all shapes in sizes over the years. SNK VS Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom, and Now Tekken VS Street Fighter! Announced at Comic-Con today gamers everywhere are rejoicing upon news that “Street Fighter vs Tekken” AND “Tekken vs Street Fighter”, one developed by Capcom, the other by Namco are now officially coming our way! Namco and Capcom came together and created these two brand new entries into the gaming world which is sure to have fighting fans up in celebration.

The possibilities are now endless when it comes to fighting game crossovers. We knew something big was coming from the San Diego Comic-Con involving Namco and Capcom was in the works but this is exciting to hear without a doubt. Besides the ability to have 2 vs 2 combat, not much else is known right now. We will keep you updated on this awesome news as it is released!