Gamestop/EBgames to Host Exclusive Dragon Quest IX Event

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It’s a rare thing when a gaming event is held for portable consoles aside from the Pokemon series, which is why fans of the new “Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky” are in luck thanks to Gamestop & EB Games. On July 31st, from 1-4pm PST all owners of the new Dragon Quest title will be able to go in and participate in an exclusive Wi-Fi event by bringing in your copy of Dragon Quest, with your Nintendo DS (any version) to a participating Gamestop or EB Games and download the special event map.  With this event is also the opportunity to participate assisted walk-through, guided multi-player modes and connect with other players who are at the event.

It seems as this event is a one day only thing, so write down the date and check the link below for locations and more information.

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