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Destination Arcade only works during Summer of Arcade?

So we have heard that Destination Arcade was pushed back a week to go with the Summer Arcade promotion, but now there is even more bad news afoot. Major Nelson has found out that Destination Arcade will only be available during the Summer of Arcade until it ends on August 18th. Wait…. what?

It seems that this is either A. a beta test for the App which we will see at another time. Or B. An unfortunate waste of a good browser that would have updated the way we see our arcade games. I’m hoping it is A because otherwise it doesn’t make sense at all to be honest. Though this is for US residents only, the rest of the world doesn’t have to worry about this type of browser yet, though maybe if this is only a beta, it could see full release. Hope to hear some other type of news on this soon.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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