Chop Chop Soccer to hit the AppStore soon!

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Chop Chop Soccer, the 4th installment of the Chop Chop Series (After Chop Chop Ninja, Chop Chop Runner and Chop Chop Tennis) will be hitting the AppStore soon.

Like all Chop Chop Games, Chop Chop Soccer uses a new type of gameplay specifically developed for the Apple Devices:

There are no virtual pads or buttons. All that’s needed is one finger to control all offensive and defensive actions.

To move, you just slide your finger on the screen. To pass, shoot or tackle, you just flick your finger in the direction you want your player or ball to go. That’s it!


– 3D arcade sports game

– frantic 3 vs. 3 soccer action

– Intuitive and extremely responsive touch controls

– Colorful cartoon graphics

– 12 teams to choose from (including World Champions Spain and Runner Up Netherlands)

– Four difficulty levels

– Four tournaments

– Four stadiums (including Egypt Pyramids and Paris Trocadero!)

– 5 Tutorials

Team attributes  :

Every team is rated as per their respective strengths in 3 areas: Offense, Defense and Goalie.

These ratings obviously affect the A.I.’s behavior but there’s more there than meets the eye: Each rating is actually derived from a comprehensive set of criteria that differ from team to team. Hence, no two teams will behave the same way even though their ratings may be similar. Examples of such criteria are:

– Attack Style (Short Passing, Long Ball, Balanced)

– Defense effectiveness (against Dribbles, Short Passes, Long Balls)

– Goaltender Running/Catching/Kicking Abilities

– Defensive Style (Zone, Man to Man, Balanced)

– Passing Speed/Precision

– Kicking Speed/Precision

– Tackling Speed/ Precision/Recovery



Chop Chop Soccer will constantly evolve: More countries, more modes, and many many more surprises will be added with future updates.

Chop Chop Soccer release is expected for August 2010. Below you can see some screenshots and a trailer:

Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies!

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