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Nintendo Australia hosted a fantastic Super Mario Galaxy 2 event on board the STARSHIP SYDNEY (perfect name for a Super Mario Galaxy event) that cruised around Sydney Harbour all evening while selected members of the press / media on board got to experience, play touch and feel first hand the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo Wii.  The evening kicked off with a great Presentation by Nintendo’s Product Representative Jame Wilson explaining and going through new gameplay mechanics, features and also new outfits that Mario will be able to use in the game plus much much more. 

Video presentation (shown just below) introduces you to the new world of Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Where you can run, jump, double jump, tripple jump, backflip, fly, ground pound, spin …. ok ok you get my drift … do pretty much anything you wish in an amazing new galaxy fill with color, life and most of all imagination.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is by far the most polished title I’ve ever come across on the Nintendo Wii.  It certainly surpasses the original Super Mario Galaxy in leaps and bounds and Super Mario Galaxy was a master piece in every possible way.

On top of what Mario already has in his arsenal and bag of tricks and moves.  Nintendo have thrown even more in to give him that little extra advantage when taking on Bowsers evil minions.  Not to spoil it for anyone but Mario can now use a drill that can be used to tunnel through surfaces all the way to the other side of a planet, he can also become cloud Mario and create his very own cloud platforms to jump to, and also eat a BOULDER mushroom !!! YES A BOULDER Mushroom that will put him a boulder suit and allow Mario to ram into objects and enemies and even bowl them over like bowling pins … So far from what we’ve seen, looks like Super Mario Galaxy 2 is bowling a perfect game !! STRIKES all the way !!

Along with Mario’s new abilities his friend YOSHI is back and he too has some super cool tricks and updates up his sleave one of which is called the “Dash Pepper” after eating a hot chillie pepper Yoshi will have the ability to run up steep inclines and vertical walls.  There are many other super cool abilities but you’ll have to wait until we review the game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Blasts Off for another out of this world adventure in Australia on the 1st Of July 2010.  Save up your hard earned cash as this is a game you HAVE to own … PERIOD … no questions asked.  


Capsule Computers Crew Members : (left) deathdude222 - Mark Rocha & (right) MasterAbbott - Philip Federico

*Final Note*

Special thanks goes out to Nintendo Australia for hosting this fantastic event for all the press/media.  As always the venue was great, the food and drinks were top notch and were constantly coming out, the hospitality was fantastic and most of all Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a complete pleasure to play.

Enjoy some of the pics from the event below

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  1. Woah, looks like a sweet event. SMG2 looks stunning …. although this differs from the majority of Wii games. It’s great to see Nintendo pumping out a worth while game, I’m really not impressed as of late with the game production.


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