Shiki – Anime Preview

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Just like with High School of the Dead we have yet another horror Anime this summer coming in the form of Shiki. Another name for this title would be Corpse Demon, as it was written by Ono Fumiyo. Now we have the Anime version of her popular novel.

In 1994 Sotoba village, with only a population of 1,300 starts to suffer mysterious deaths. These strange deaths happen shortly after a strange and mysterious family moves into the abandoned Kanemasa mansion. Ozaki Toshio who is the only doctor in Sotoba initially thinks that some sort of disease is the cause for the sudden increase of deaths in the tiny village. However upon investigation that is far from the truth, and a vampiric nature begins to show from those in Kanemasa mansion.

Yuuki Natsuno is also a central character of the story, living in Sotoba only after his family decided that city life was to hectic and forcing the move to the country. Now with these deaths in the village, what has Sotoba become involved in? We shall see July 8th when Shiki premieres.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a good horror story, but not interested in as much comedy or romance mixed in, this is definitely one for you. However bear in mind that the original story consists of over one hundred and fifty different characters, so this could be quite the populated Anime, plus there is the way the various horror elements are presented may not appeal to everyone.

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