Over 9,000! screenshots for Dragon Ball: Origins 2 (Number may be exaggerated)

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Namco Bandai is sticking true to their Dragon Ball game legacy, for they are releasing Dragon Ball: Origins 2 for the DS on June 22nd. This is the sequel to the first game bearing the same name obviously and will continue to follow the story of young Goku as he searched for the dragon balls and comes across many different foes and new allies.

In this sequel you will be doing battle against the Red Ribbon Army saga of Dragon Ball’s long storyline throughout both it’s Anime and Manga. Here gamers will be introduced to Upa, a young boy from a native tribe that guard Korin’s Tower from anyone who they may deem unworthy. Not only that but games will be able to play through the game as a variety of different characters throughout the game and also even play with a friend through co-operative missions.

Check out all of the various screenshots from the game below:

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