Next Week On XBLA (June 28, 2010)

News Deals Xbox 360

Next week has some pretty sweet deals, including PB winterbottom, Rocket Riot, and a cheap cheap charm. Sadly the charity purpose of charm is already over, so no money spent on charm now will go to charity.

Games on Demand is seeing two pretty good games, though I thought Command and Conguer was already on games on Demand.

Xbox Live Arcade is getting the sequel to the first puzzle quest, as well as Ancients of Ooga which is developed by the same people as Cloning Clyde.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:

  • Defense Grid – 400 Points
  • PB Winterbottom – 400 Points
  • Rocket Riot – 400 Points
  • Darwinia+ – 800 Points
  • Chime – 240 Points
  • Poker Smash – 400 Points

Available only to Xbox LIVE Gold members from Monday June 28th.

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:

  • June 29: Tomb Raider Underworld
  • June 29: Command & Conquer 3

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

  • June 30: Puzzle Quest 2 – 1200 Points
  • June 30: Ancients of Ooga – 800 Points

Avatar Marketplace:

  • July 1: Crackdown 2


  1. ill get winterbottom for free the next time my friend can transfer his console license so thats going to be sweet as far as the others go i dont think i would even pay 400 for darwinia maybe the crackdown 2 stuff will be cool but im mostly looking forward to puzzel quest 2

  2. I think you should be ashamed if you buy Chime for the 240pts instead of the usual 400pts, because over 60% of these 400pts go to charity and the game has the production value of an 800pts game. It certainly beats Lumines Live in terms of mechanics, myabe not on the content side, but I still got tons of hours out of it with the tracks it has to offer!

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