Kinects playable at Microsoft Stores

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Microsoft Store’s twitter has announced that anyone who wishes to have a chance to demo the Kinect before November, will have the chance to now. They have also stated that Kinectimals will be playable now too.

If you happen to live near or in any of these four cities; Scottsdale, AZ; Mission Viejo and San Diego, CA; and Lone Tree, CO, you have the option to get a hands on, better yet a hands off, preview of the Kinect in person. The device is available for customers to play if they come in at the Microsoft Stores in these cities. Unfortunately these cities themselves are the only ones that have a Microsoft Store.

This is a bit unfortunate as this is far from a nationwide preview, being that only the western coast is being provided these Microsoft Stores and thus the Kinect. The rest of us will have to wait and see closer to November for every bit of extra information we can find about how this Kinect will turn out.

Source: Microsoft Store’s Twitter

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  1. I’m so underwhelmed by Microsoft’s Kinect presentation. I’m sure Kinect’s technology will offer some awesome experiences for hardcore gamers, for example headtracking in first person shooters, but that is definately not worth 150$ of my hard earned money! It is pretty clear that they concentrate on the casual gamers, but why should casual gamers who don’t give a flying rat’s ass about advanced technology and HD graphics, when they can get almost all the waggle with a bombastic triple A lineup from Nintendo for just 200$, while they have to spend at least 300$ to get an Arcade idiot sku plus Kinect. The funniest thing is, even though all the games MS presented were HD they didn’t look like it thanks to their kiddy comic graphics.

  2. If you think $150 USD is expensive think about how much it will cost us poor Aussies down in Australia ..

  3. Yeah, that is a whole another issue. Michael Pachter said it’s all taxes, but last time I checked the US has sales taxes in most states that are similar to European Vat or the Australian GST. The GST is only 10%, while the highest Vat in Europe is 25% and even then Australia pays even more than any European. Transportation from China should be almost the same no matter if it is shipping to Europe the US or Australia. The only country I know of that causes legitimate high costs due to taxes is Brasil. Brasil charges 60% taxes on any electronic devices and that’s why they have to pay 400$ for a Playstation 2(TWO)! Otherwise it’s just price gauging.

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