Gamestop prices Kinect at $150, puts up bundles.

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Looks like the rumors were right. Gamestop has placed prices for the Kinect at $150 pre-order and has also put together a few bundles with new consoles. The Elite Bundle is going to run $400 and the Arcade bundle will be $300. They have also put a price tag on Kinect Adventures! and Kinect Sports at $60. Though there is zero information about the brand new 360 which was released and being as there is no mention of a bundle for the Kinect plus new 360, it bears to question that these prices could be subject to change. Unfortunately the Kinect itself could actually run at that price.

Would you be willing to purchase the Kinect at $150? How about if they put together an even better bundle with the new 360 Slim? If anything else the price for either 360 plus the  Kinect would only place the Kinect at $100.

Price Source:(Gamestop)

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