Atlus brings Etrian Odyssey III to the DS this Fall

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First we have a game for the PSP, now we have one for the DS, Atlus USA is really bringing the RPG enjoyment this year. They are bringing Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City for the DS. It will be coming to stores this Fall season. If you so happen to enjoy exploration and RPGs then Etrian Odyssey is right down your ally as you will be playing in the oceanic paradise which is the world of Etrian. There will be many types of dungeons to journey through that contain intense atmospheres which will keep you interested for hours. This one looks amazing, a full blown RPG coming to the DS with map customization? Stay tuned for a potential release date somewhere down the line.

Aram Jabbari also had much to say about Etrian Odyssey III:

The Etrian Odyssey series is renowned for successfully marrying deep roleplaying gameplay with a grand sense of adventure and the thrill of the unknown. The Drowned City, the third chapter in the fan-favorite franchise, takes the established exploration RPG gameplay a loving tribute to classic pen-and-paper and PC entries in the genre to exciting new frontiers. The seas off the coast of the city of Armoroad offer an exciting, mysterious unknown, filled with hidden dangers and bountiful treasures. With an entirely new host of character classes to customize and train, the addition of naval travel and exploration, and the unprecented introduction of cooperative local multiplayer content, Etrian Odyssey III isn’t content to simply continue the series; it seeks to redefine it.

If your curious as to what the storyline may be for Etrian Odyssey, wait no longer:

Off tranquil ocean shores, far below the surface of the sea, the city of Armoroad bears a secret. Rumor suggests that this coastal metropolis is less than it once was; much of it, they whisper, was lost to the unforgiving waters. Will you assemble and train a team of explorers to uncover once and for all what really lies beneath, or will you succumb to the innumerable dangers hidden in the abyssal depths?

There are some special features about this RPG that set it apart from your standard RPG, such as:

  • Create your unique team — A system of 10 new classes and sub-classes and a wealth of proprietary skills make developing the optimal party absorbing, tactical, and rewarding. A maximum of 30 possible member slots provide plenty of room to experiment. You decide where to apply members’ skill points: will you invest in sword mastery or learn a new healing spell?
  • Live and die by your map(-making) — When danger lurks around every corner, it is imperative to keep track of where you have been and what you found there. The streamlined map maker lets you draw paths, paint in terrain, and drag and drop icons. Watch the map grow bigger and more detailed under your hands as you capture every door, map, set of stairs, and secret pathway.
  • Adventure in the high seas — The ocean becomes a new stage for exploration as you take to the city of Armoroad to uncover the secret of why half of this once vibrant and technologically advanced metropolis sunk below the waves. Sail your ship, chart the ocean map, sink enemy vessels, and take on seagoing FOEs on your way to playing out one of three possible endings.
  • Wirelessly share with friends — Up to 5 friends can team up in special combat challenges over a local wireless connection to take down the toughest monsters living in the ocean. Additional options let you wirelessly trade items.

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