Alan Wake Cinematic Video Comparison

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Many of you know that about a month ago, I created a cinematic music video with the music styling of POE. Well, youtube blocked it and we were forced to upload it directly to the site in order to let people watch it. I kept the actual video in the background of my youtube profile even though I was the only one who could see it.

One day I was bored and decided to mess around with youtube’s audio swap function. I ran across the below audio file and decided it fit pretty well without me having to do any extra work. So I swapped out the music and unleashed the unblocked video onto the world of youtube.

The credits and video title are still wrong, but I’m too lazy to even be bothered with changing it. Currently working on a Split/Second video with the song Blue Orchid by the White Stripes. We’ll see how that comes out.

Below is the new audio swapped video, and the original video is below that for those of you who hadn’t seen the original. Tell me what you guys think, of the original or the new audio swapped videoEnjoy.

[pro-player type=”FLV”][/pro-player]

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