Treyarch commited to working on Call Of Duty 100%

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Ok news for all you Call Of Duty fans out there .. it’s now official !!  Treyarch the developers that have worked on the alternate Call Of Duty series alongside infinity ward are now dedicated 100 % to the Call of Duty studio/franchise.  They will do “NOTHING” else apart from working on the Call Of Duty franchise.  Previously they had worked on such titles like James Bond Quantum of Solace, and a few Spider Man games.  But from now on it’s only going to be Call Of Duty. 

This could be a good thing as they can now dedicate all of their resources and energy to making the Call of Duty franchise even greater than what it already is.

CVG published the following quote from the developer


“Treyarch is a 100 per cent Call of Duty studio – and it has been for a long time now, long before any of [the Infinity Ward] events occurred,” Lamia told CVG.”We focused all of our efforts on creating the best Call of Duty game we possibly can and what that meant is not working on anything else. We are a multiple team studio and focusing on Call of Duty and Call of Duty gameplay meant focusing all of our teams on that.”        

Now what’s everyone think of this ?  Do you think this is going to produce a far better game or will it make no difference to the end product ?  Ohh and don’t forget .. we also have EA’s KING OF KING’s FPS being released very soon “MEDAL OF HONOR”  Maybe once that’s out the Call Of Duty series might just become a distant memory

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