This Week On XBLA (May 17, 2010)

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Game Releases

Two games are being released this wednesday on the Xbox Live Arcade. Metal Slug XX will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points and Aqua: Naval Warfare will cost you 800.

Metal Slug XX is a new addition to the Metal Slug games. Already available on the PSP it incorporates 7 levels and over 70 missions. Is it worth 1200MSP though? The new trend of all Arcade games costing 1200 is taking over.

Aqua: Naval Warfare is a boat war game supposedly. Looks kind of interesting, but is it worth a purchase?

Deal of the Week

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is the \ Deal of the Week this week, and is quite a good deal at 400 Microsoft Points. You can also get your hands on the official Monkey Island Cotton Swab and LeChuck Pirate Hat for your Avatar at 50% off.

Supposedly the game is a lot of fun. I’m not much into point and click games but the general consensus is that the game is good and very humorous. The avatar stuff is also on sale, but they were included in the first stock of avatar items that came out, so everyone who buys avatar stuff pretty much has them because they were the only options when first released.

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