Shaun White Skateboarding Announced

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Today Ubisoft has released a trailer for it’s latest offering in the Shaun White extreme sports game franchise, developed in conjunction with world-renowned skater and snowboarder, Shaun White. The details are still vague, and the actual trailer offers no gameplay footage, only a group of skateboarders doing what they do best. We can only guess that we will hear more on this forthcoming Shaun White game in the near future, presumably at E3. It remains to be seen from some actual gameplay footage whether or not this will be a contender with the likes of ‘Tony Hawk’ and ‘Skate’, although it definately shouldn’t be written off. It sounds promising but only a few small details have been revealed thus far.

All that can be depicted from the trailer, as well as confirmed by the developers, is that it Shaun White Skateboarding will put an ‘innovative spin’ on the action-sports genre by allowing you to transform the lifeless city you occupy, into a skating utopia. You will quite literally be able to ‘carve alleys into half-pipes’, ‘morph streets into ramps’, extend handrails into endless grinds’ and more.

The trailer that accompanied the announcement can be found below. As shown in the video, the game is set  for release this fall 2010, but it is still early days and this could be set to change.

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