Pay $150 get Flaming Armor?!

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Due to some fluke of nature, I ended up with only 2 hours of sleep and with my trusty supply of mallow bites and tea I began playing the Halo: Reach beta once again. Today the beta releases and the Arena has finally been unlocked and can be played. While playing the arena (which is just a whole bunch of slayer variants and has a different ranking system) I ran into a group of kids who were discussing the legendary edition of Halo: Reach. They were psyched for the game to release and had already payed for the legendary edition in full.

Since I’m stuck waiting in the lobby listening to these kids discuss the legendary edition, they mention that they can’t wait to get the flaming armor. This instantly perked my attention and I asked how they were going to manage that, and they responded that the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach comes with the flaming armor permutation. I immediately began to argue, unable to grasp the fact that Bungie would simply sell the coveted armor effect.  In a note of self defense, I don’t look at limited edition bundles since I find them a waste of money. Just give me the game, and I’ll be happy.

Research into the matter brought me upon the picture to the left, and then the list of what is included in the legendary edition on In the list is “An exclusive in-game Spartan armor effect.” which simply restates what was in the picture. Judging by the picture alone, I would assume that it is the flaming armor, but would Bungie just give that away in the legendary bundle? If that is the case, then the flaming armor will become even more worthless then the recon armor, since you can buy the flaming armor while recon you had to do the vidmaster challenges which reserves the armor set to only those able to complete them. What is even worse, is the fact that the kids who were buying the legendary edition were only buying it for the flaming armor. $150 for virtual armor, that will be more worthless then recon after a week when everyone is using it?

I am leaning towards the armor effect being something different, and Bungie is using clever tactics in order to sell more legendary copies. I can’t find anywhere where it is confirmed to be the flaming armor, other then that picture which doesn’t prove anything. Also, if they were selling the armor effect why would they still use the job slogan “Get Hired, Get Fire” If they are just going to give it away? It isn’t much of an incentive if everyone has it.

It is true that Bungie has already given away 1 flaming armor to a person completely unrelated to the Bungie team, but in order to get it he had to have the fastest time in a sort of “Decathlon”. I tried for it myself, but I couldn’t even manage to find all of the grenades, let alone get them and cross the finish line in the shortest time. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should the flaming armor be sold? If it is, will Bungie get some new armor effect unique to them? How many weeks until everyone wearing the flaming armor is called a noob? Any ideas on what the armor effect could be if not flaming armor?

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