Mafia II and it’s technologies on PC

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For those who are still unsure which platform to get Mafia II, maybe this article will help you decide.

Mafia II is coming to PC with some nice additional features for Nvidia users, like NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA APEX Clothing module, and 3D Vision.

The NVIDIA Physx makes all the physics in the game more realistic, while APEX Clothing module allows for more dynamic movement in clothing, making in-game characters even more realistic and reactive to environmental conditions. Mafia II will be the first PC game ever to utilize the NVIDIA APEX Clothing module.

Nvidia’s full stereoscopic 3D, know as 3D Vision, adds depth of field on display as particles and explosions come off the screen in thrilling 3D.

Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce business at NVIDIA, shared his excitement: “We are extremely excited about the upcoming launch of Mafia II for Windows PC. With support for GPU-accelerated PhysX, Apex Clothing and 3D Vision, gamers will be able to experience the mob world in a whole other dimension. Gamers are in for a real treat.”

Below you can see some of these technologies in action, with screenshots followed by an exclusive Nvidia trailer.


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