Kane & Lynch 2 trailer shows my kind of gameplay

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When it comes to gaming, all you need to know are the following steps.

  1. Put in the game.
  2. Pick up the controller.
  3. Have fun.

To many people these days take gaming way too seriously. Video games are meant to entertain and some people just get entertained in different ways. Stop whining that I keep killing you. Stop whining if I’m on your team and keep killing you. Either way fight back and have fun. There is no better feeling then having both teams teaming up on one guy, even better when you are the one everyone is going after and you are still winning. No free for all doesn’t cut it, everyone steals your kills in that and kill stealing is not cool.

Anyway, back on topic, this Kane & Lynch 2 trailer shows gameplay that rewards the cunning backstabber and punishes the ones that suck at it. The game mode looks like a lot of fun, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this game.

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