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The achievements in Iron Man 2 seem pretty straight forward at first. A majority of them will be unlocked just for playing the game on the hardest setting. There are a few that may require you to go back and finish certain miscellaneous tasks, such as passing the security grid without touching a laser or completing a certain task without being damaged or in a certain time frame. Once you get passed these achievements you will find out where the true annoyance is and that is found in the achievements where you have to kill so many enemies with a certain weapon or using certain abilities. There are so few levels and each with a small amount of bad guys that you will have to grind levels over and over again just to meet the quota. The game is bad enough the first play through, playing levels over and over again just to kill people is even worse. The achievements are easy in a general sense, but they simply aren’t fun to get. If the game was longer with more opportunities to get the achievements without grinding it may not have been bad, but no one likes excessive grinding and that is exactly what the achievements call for in this game. Not to mention the first achievement you unlock is a 3 point achievement which screws up any achievement hunters list. Luckily the counter achievement worth 7 points isn’t that hard to pull off.


  • Access Denied – 10
    Prevent Roxxon from stealing the Stark Archives.
  • Deportation – 15
    Prevent the Russian separatists from deploying Roxxon Armigers.
  • Power Outage – 15
    Defeat the Crimson Dynamo.
  • Anti-PROTEAN – 20
    Destroy Project PROTEAN.
  • Improvisation Under Fire – 20
    Save Rhodey and the Stark mobile armory from the A.I.M. attack.
  • Operation Daybreak – 20
    Defeat A.I.M. and save the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
  • Stormbreaker – 20
    Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter.
  • The Bigger They Are – 30
    Defeat ULTIMO.
  • Shake It Off – 3
    Recover from the Roxxon EMP attack.
  • Not In My House – 15
    Prevent the first wave of Roxxon dropships from deploying their drones.
  • Full Flight – 15
    Only one S.H.I.E.L.D. transport lost in the canyon run.
  • Area Secured – 20
    At least 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. units survive the battle for the docks.
  • Pulling The Plug – 15
    Destroy all four Tesla reactor stabilizers in under 60 seconds.
  • Anger Management – 15
    Destroy most of the structures in Shatalov’s base.
  • Entrapment – 15
    Reach the bottom of the elevator shaft without touching a laser tripline.
  • Defensive Player Of The Year – 20
    Save all four repulsor lifts and all four stabilizers on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
  • Brute Force – 30
    Destroy the A.I.M. Arc Armiger without using missile deflection.
  • Guardian – 25
    Shut down GREENGRID without needing to repair the Arc Armiger.
  • Switchboard Operator – 20
    Reposition all of the GREENGRID relays without being interrupted.
  • Not A Scratch – 40
    Defeat ULTIMO with no armor damage.
  • Ultimatum – 15
    Complete every mission on Easy difficulty.
  • Iron Man – 30
    Complete every mission on Normal difficulty.
  • Invincible – 100
    Complete every mission on Formidable difficulty.
  • Fists Of Iron – 20
    Defeat 100 enemies in close combat.
  • Storm Of Lead – 20
    Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine’s minigun.
  • Fire And Forget – 10
    Defeat 100 enemies with homing missiles.
  • Subtle Like A Rocket – 15
    Defeat 100 enemies with the rocket launcher.
  • Room Broom – 20
    Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine’s shotgun.
  • Extra Crispy – 20
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man’s laser.
  • Pushback – 20
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man’s repulsor.
  • Up Close And Personal – 20
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man’s blaster.
  • Overkill – 25
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man’s unibeam.
  • Hall Of Armors – 35
    Unlock all armor suits.
  • Technical Genius – 50
    Invent every module, ammunition, and weapon upgrade.
  • Gonna Need Some More Bad Guys – 30
    Defeat more than 1,000 enemies.
  • Unnecessary Force – 7
    Defeat a soldier with Iron Man’s unibeam.
  • Bulletproof – 30
    Defeat 50 enemies in melee as Iron Man while Invincible.
  • Ultimate Iron Man – 10
    Unlock the Ultimate Iron Man armor.
  • Classic Iron Man – 10
    Unlock the Classic Iron Man armor.
  • Classic Mark I – 10
    Unlock the Classic Mark I Iron Man armor.
  • Extremis – 10
    Unlock the Extremis Iron Man armor.
  • Mark III – 10
    Unlock the Mark III Iron Man armor.
  • Mark II – 10
    Unlock the Mark II Iron Man armor.
  • Mark VI – 10
    Unlock the Mark VI Iron Man armor.
  • Silver Centurion – 10
    Unlock the Silver Centurion armor.
  • Two Man Army – 10
    Defeat the Russian separatists as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • It Takes Two To Tangle – 10
    Defeat Crimson Dynamo as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Man And Machine – 10
    Destroy Project PROTEAN as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Bipolar – 10
    Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Omega Man – 30
    Defeat 100 enemies as War Machine while using the Omega System.

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