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It is my birthday today (May 27) and to celebrate my mortality I’m going to do what you are supposed to do at a birthday party, Eat Cake and Give presents! Oh, I’m supposed to receive presents on my birthday? I have these presents all set up and everything already, what am I supposed to do with them now? I’ll just give them away in a comment contest anyway.

So here is what you have to do for a chance to win:

  1. Wish Me a happy birthday.
  2. Pick one prize package from the ones listed below.

Prize Packages: the prize packages have their own special items, so pick wisely. As always the codes below may not work, since sometimes I receive dead codes and have no way to test them out to make sure they work. The developer may have given me a dead code by accident, but if it is dead, I’m not getting you a replacement.

Prize Package 1

  • An XBLA code

Prize Package 2

  • A steam code
  • An Iphone App

Prize Package 3

  • An Iphone App
  • Xbox 360 DLC
  • Xbox 360 Avatar Item


Wish me a happy birthday, and pick the prize package you want. I will pick ONE RANDOM winner in an unknown amount of time to receive the prize package they picked.

There are no replacements for dead codes, because I don’t have any replacements.

I have also not specified what any of the prizes are because this is more fun!

No Complaining about what you receive or I WILL blacklist you. It was free! Don’t complain!

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